Testimonial Videos
TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS KEEP IT REAL Written by: Doug MorrisFollowing word-of-mouth, one of the most persuasive methods of communicating an organization's virtues to its target audience is through believable consumer and expert testimonials.Bright, personable and articulate individuals, expressing their true “unscripted” thoughts and feelings about a subject, will generally outperform paid actors [...]
Wed, Dec 06, 2017
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Marketing Video
Marketing VideoSometimes in marketing you want to take the high road… sleek, lush imagery with clean graphics, a silky voiceover, and a tasteful soundtrack to let your audience know that what you're selling is quintessentially refined.Other times you get together with your friends with a script that you wrote the [...]
Wed, Sep 06, 2017
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Mockumentary Production
Mockumentary ProductionI watched a lot of fake documentaries in preparation for Brick MADNESS – Like 50 or so feature-length ones. That's around 75 hours of “work” and I say that because many of them were pretty bad. I have a soft spot in my heart because I feel for these [...]
Wed, Aug 23, 2017
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After 8 years in the making, and a sold out Edwards Theater screening, Fresno-made feature film “Brick MADNESS” is proud to be having its Red Carpet Premiere at the Tower Theatre on Sept. 9th at 7:30pm.Best in Show meets King of Kong in this hilarious mockumentary about the 17th annual [...]
Thu, Aug 17, 2017
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